Friday, April 4, 2008

Blessings of Chocolate

I had just purchased a bag of my beloved Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles and anticipated unraveling the luscious and delectable candy out of its glimmering gold casing. As I placed the chocolate into my mouth, I began to fantasize about the pleasure that would soon consume me. The chocolate I grew to love ultimately devoured me; however it was not in the way I had wished. After the chocolate covered “bundle of joy” was released from my fingertips, it landed on my tongue and proceeded to venture down my throat where it became wedged. Unable to breathe, cough, or swallow, I felt betrayed by the friend I had held so dearly. As I struggled to free myself from this helpless state, the pain grew. The more I struggled, the more pain I felt. Although I was finally released from my confinement a few moments later, the elapsed time felt ceaseless. Feeling deceived and sinful, I dreaded to even look at chocolate ever again.

Give and take: a principle which I innately disregard due to my cultural background. Born under a strict Chinese family, I was taught from the day I was conscious of the world around me to “give” to others rather than to “take” from others. When I “take” from others, I feel momentarily gratified. As a result, I constantly seek a variety of methods to “give” back to others.

Months passed until my friend, Christina, decided it was time that I give chocolate a chance to redeem its benevolence back in my life. I was hesitant to listen to her advice, but I eventually gave in to her request. Slowly, she helped me conquer my fear. I am forever indebted to Christina for her assistance because I no longer fear chocolate. I can enjoy its mouth-watering greatness once again.

Understanding the bliss one can feel from receiving help, I sought to spread this feeling to others around me. Helping others surmount obstacles in their life had always been my passion. It brings me joy to know that I can be of assistance to others.

As I walked through the inviting, yet worn entrance of the church, I was immediately engulfed by an aura of despair. Crowds of eager recipients occupied the limited space available within the soup kitchen. I began to see a reflection of myself among the crowd; each one eager to calm one’s roaring stomachs just as I once anticipated indulging myself chocolate. I did not wish for this crowd of people to suffer as I had in the past. Hunger is agonizing to bear, even more than my trite experience without chocolate for so long. In order to make sure the crowd did not “choke” I immediately prepared the meals with haste. In this instance, I saw a reflection of Christina in myself; seeking the fastest way to satiate the crowd’s problems. After finishing my duties, I noticed a familiar sight amongst the once famished crowd. Glimmers of gratitude were apparent on each face.

The ability to lend a hand to those in need is my greatest achievement in life. I know from first hand experience the happiness and gratitude one feels when one triumphs over personal obstacles with the help of another individual. Now I “give” to others in need to provide them a little taste of happiness. These experiences taught me that life, like chocolate, can be bittersweet.


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